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Kids Playing Tug of War
Kid's Ministry

We understand how important your kids are to you. They are very important to us as well. While you are enjoying a wonderful worship experience, we want to insure the same experience for your children. In addition to their worship we also are very concern about their safety. We require a full background check on any individual that will be apart of our youth leadership. Don’t leave your kids home, bring them along!


Marriage Preperation

Marriage is sacred before God. We believe that it should be a lifetime commitement and union. Although many ministries focus more on the spirituality, we also weigh heavily on practicality. We believe you should prepare yourself as much as possible before you say I do, to increase the possibility of your marriage being successful. So gather with a group of folks all pursuing the same goal and have them become your support group as the process gets difficult over time

Marriage Proposal
Students with iPad
College Ministry

Yes! School is exciting but it also can be TOUGH!! Being a community that has 3 colleges, we know many people are here from out of town for 1-4 years just to pursue further education, and need a temporary church to fellowship and worship. Even as a parent that has raised your child in the ministry, you can have the peace of knowing our ministry consider everyone that walks into the door family. So although you are far away we will be there home away from home. There are also study groups that will give them a wholesome space to learn and obtain help from others that may be more knowledgeable.

Women Ministry

Women play a major role in ministry. As you can see they typically make up the majority of the population. It's so vital that we have a place that allow them to be expressive of their variety of personalities, gifts, skills and talents. We are our sisters keepers! Having other women that you can connect and relate to, from a broad walk of life and past experiences, will be very supportive in your time of need.

Mens Ministry

Many men feel so lost in ministry. There is a presumption that it’s no where for them to fit in. The absent of men in a household is so vital to the development of everyone in the house. We also believe the same should apply in ministry. Most men do not feel comfortable in a place there isn’t any other men for him to connect and relate to. We have created a men ministry that allows our men to not only fellowship at church but outside of church as well. It’s a place to be heard, to learn, to be accepted and to grow as men. We are our brothers keeper!


We can NOT be who we are, and do what we do without your HELP! We are always finding more ways to assist families in our community, and with every vision there must be provision. Our pastor states that the greatest provision you can ever have is not money, but people. It will be impossible for us to reach and impact all the millions of lives, from our front door to around the world, without YOU! Whatever you do for others will also be done for you. 

Volunteers Packing Food
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